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We are a small and intimate operation located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida at the Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). We pride ourselves on keeping things simple yet provide the best corporate training in the business. We have been in business for almost 20 years and have many success stories to share.



Mary Lou Gallagher, Owner, and President of Beyond and Above is a former flight attendant with American Airlines, Pan Am, and American International Airlines. After her airline career and raising her children, she took the leap into the corporate side of aviation. Mary Lou has a great passion for flying and flight attendants. She opened Beyond and Above to share her experience and knowledge with others. Her biggest joy is to offer flight attendants everything they need to be successful and watch them spread their wings and soar.

As the Director of Operations, I bring over 30 years of experience in aviation, 20+ of which I was with NetJets Aviation. I started my aviation career with Comair, a Delta subsidiary. From there I also took the leap to the corporate side of aviation with much encouragement from a former boss at Comair that did the same.

I had never thought about corporate aviation until hearing all the exciting stories and adventures my former boss was experiencing as a corporate flight attendant. I had the great pleasure of becoming part of the NetJets family and never looked back.

I knew I wanted to be a part of the corporate flying world, staying in five-star hotels and seeing every continent in the world. All while flying in beautiful aircraft such as the Gulfstream 550, IV, 450 as well as Global 5000 and 6000.


If you are like me, I knew nothing about private jets and had some reservations about getting into a world that I was not familiar with. I could tell you anything about Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas aircraft. I could name them as they were flying over.


At Beyond and Above, we can build upon your current airline training and experience and allow you to experience a successful career as a corporate flight attendant. We take the fear and intimidation out of the corporate world. Our well-rounded program will teach you the “corporate lingo” so you can interview with confidence. We will train you on fine dining service and culinary skills for 40,000 feet. Additionally, you will receive hands-on emergency training specific to corporate jets, resume writing, and many resources on how to go about securing a career in corporate aviation.


Our facility has a full Gulfstream mock-up as well as a galley. We have a Gulfstream overwing exit we use when conducting emergency egress training. You will become comfortable with table service, service flow, and space constraints while providing a high-altitude dining experience to the rich and famous and the who’s who of the world.

Our staff has years and years of aviation experience, both corporate and commercial airline. We also have a former yacht stewardess and an owner of a CPR and First Aid company. We all enjoy sharing our experiences and want to see others have the opportunities we have enjoyed.


As fellow flight attendants, we want to get the word out that there is another side to aviation that is thriving more than ever during these challenging times of epidemics and economic uncertainty. Beyond and Above can provide you with another avenue to continue doing what you love to do! We understand many of you have loyalty to your current employers. We love that and understand. What we are offering is an asset you can utilize immediately while on furlough and have instant income in your bank account. Even if you would decide to return to your current company as recalls happen, you will always have this skill set and can pick up the occasional contract flight. We can assure you this is not considered a conflict of interest with your commercial occupation.


There are many different types of flying within the corporate flying side of life. Once trained at Beyond and Above you will have all your certifications and skills to interview with a company that will best suit your desires for flying. Many companies will allow you to be placed on a call list after a successful interview. They will call when there is a trip going on that requires a flight attendant. Because you are not on their payroll specifically you can say yes or no depending on your availability. Most corporate contract flight attendants make a daily rate of pay $400-$1000 depending on the company. What a great way to pick up quick cash and get to see the world.

Other companies hire full-time flight attendants to fly on their private jet or a fleet of jets. With this type of job you often receive a full benefits package, salary, and a schedule. The opportunities and types of flying are endless once you make a break into the corporate aviation world.


At Beyond and Above, we are always looking for ways to share knowledge and help fellow flight attendants. Because money can be tight during these times we are offering a discounted rate to attend our program. For Commercial Flight Attendants with 121 Licenses only we have a rate of $1950.


For others outside of commercial aviation, our program is $2900. At the rate of $1950, we will provide you everything you will need to become a successful corporate flight attendant. Etiquette Training, Business Protocol, Wine Training, Emergency Ground School, Self-Defense Training, Water Ditching, Evacuation slide and windows, Safety and CPR/AED training/certification from the American Heart Association. Please see our website for more details.

The price of $1950 does not include transportation to and from Ft Lauderdale, hotel accommodations, or transportation. We do have a corporate rate available for the Marriott Courtyard at Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport near our facility. Depending on Covid operations…the shuttle may or may not be available to bring you to and from the training facility. Uber is a short round trip or rental car.

Your time is very precious. Our class is 6 days in total. Remember, you can choose virtual or actual training in our facility which is highly recommended to get the hands-on experience. Our training facility does follow all Covid guidelines.


Mary Lou and I are both available to talk to you about further details, questions, or concerns. We can be reached at or We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in class soon. Remember to view our website first to get answers to many of your questions.

Mary Lou Gallagher
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